Thursday, January 24, 2013

Here We Go

Look out. With 10 digits and a keyboard, the danger is real now.

I'm gonna start blogging.

Sporadically. Spontaneously. When the mood strikes, or the idea pops up. If someone asks or suggests a subject. If an event happens. To stir the pot. To make us think. To make us laugh.

I enjoy writing. Though the camera is the weapon of choice, writing is an outlet. Especially if it's something of interest.

So. You'll likely read of photography, travel, friends, family, music, and life events, both past and present.

Why? Why not? Though I'm no one special. Not a celebrity. No better than anyone else. Insignificant in the overall scheme.

But life is interesting. I've been very fortunate to have been part of some incredible happenings, big and small, with incredible friends and family. I'll just share some thoughts or stories.

I think of the lyrics of John Prine. "How the hell can a person, go to work in the morning, and come home in the evening, and have nothing to say?"

And there's Bob Dylan. "If my thought dreams, could be seen... they'd probably put my head, in a guillotine."

You have to understand my sense of humor. Wry, sardonic, twisted, dark... It beats crying.

That's where my blog title comes from. "Ramblings of a Madman." My buddy Ted, assigned that moniker a couple of years back, to a blog that never got off the ground. I liked the title. Appropriate. A madman with a big heart. Crazy "in a good way."

My friend Rob helped set me up this time. Just in time for some major blogging in the coming weeks. A project 40 years old, and never seen by anyone else.

Overall, the subject matter will vary. I will be honest with anyone reading, and with myself, when I blog. The language will be real if I'm quoting. Please don't be offended.

I have a great memory. If nothing else, this is just a vehicle to "get some stuff in writing." If you would like to follow along because you find it interesting, that would be great. And I'd be honored.



  1. I love a good distraction! In this case, a great one

  2. I like already. You have a consistent "voice" from your FB posts to here. And funny enough, I can still hear your voice as I read your stuff. I always enjoyed our conversations at the Daily Hassle.

    You are bookmarked. I'm looking forward to were you take this blog.

  3. Kent-
    Look forward to seeing and reading what you have to say. I have my seat belt on in case the ride gets rough.

  4. This is going to be good. I have no doubt.

  5. Your buddy Ted that you borrowed the blog moniker from? Lived in a small Montana shack? Played with boom boxes? Liked to pen manifestos in his spare time? Just wonderin' Bump. Good luck.