Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3rd

March 3rd, 1973: Dad had a day off today, and he worked up at the store. And, we all ate at home tonight. I think we are going to Macomb tomorrow.

March 3rd, 2013: Dad's "day off" was from the cobalt treatments in Quincy. The 3rd was a Saturday. He was finally back in his own element, the place he loved. The hardware store. Apparently feeling strong enough, and well enough, to be there.

He'd been through, what? Four consecutive days of treatments at Blessing Hospital in Quincy. He had to have happy to be at the store, not the hospital.

No mention in my original diary entry as to whether I was there too. Or, home with mom.

As I get further into this blog, I'm finding it more difficult to fill in some blanks with details. I can speculate, but I don't want to make things up. There are plenty of vivid memories that are ahead. Just not from everyday.

Everyone knew he was sick. I knew he was sick. But unlike 99.9% of everyone else, I was the one holdout who just couldn't, or wouldn't imagine him dying.

I wonder, if on a day like that Saturday, he'd begun teaching and grooming Peachy and Pat more about how to manage the store. They already knew a lot. But maybe there was more to learn? Stuff that only dad had handled before. The same with mom. She'd been all but "hands off." Peachy and Pat knew a lot more than her, about day to day operations.

He'd train them for the obvious reason. Dad was no naive' man. Time was a wastin'.

Judging by my original entry, we must have been "catching as catch can", with the evening meals that week, during his treatments. Under normal circumstances, supper together for the three of us, was a constant. There were always exceptions. But not a many. I have no idea how irregular the meal arrangements were that week. But if I'd eaten a friends house, an aunts house, or somewhere different. I think I would have noted it.

It also looked like we'd be heading to Macomb the next day, a Sunday. This would be to visit Ray and Erma Poler. Erma was dad's aunt. A sister to my dad's mom. Ray and Erma were great people. More on them as the story progresses.

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