Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5th, 1973: Dad had his last cobalt treatment for three weeks. Now, he says the one he had today makes his chest tight. But his arm is feeling better. I helped out at the store today. Since it is three weeks before dad goes back, I will not be making daily entries in the diary. But I will write if anything comes up.

March 5th, 2013: Yesterday's entry stated dad planned to open the hardware store on this day. What would have been a Monday. He was probably there to turn the key at the front door at 7 a.m. He worked the morning, or half a day, before being driven to Quincy for this last treatment in the series.

I think, by this time, he was beginning to show the effects of the disease, the treatments, and the running back and fourth to Quincy. I can also remember how the cobalt treatments left purple spots on the area where he received them. They sort of looked like bruises. A purple hue to them.

The reference to his arm feeling better, was in relation to the situation that had been discovered in his shoulder. The bone cancer. He had been complaining of his arm and shoulder being sore.

I must have gone up to the store after school. It wasn't far from Higbee Jr. High School to the store. Six or seven blocks. If there was snow, I walked. If there wasn't, I was on my green Schwinn Collegiate. I'd work until closing time, 5 p.m. With dad in Quincy that afternoon, I would have then ridden home. More of a distance than from school. A bit more than a mile or so.

I'd sure like to be able to go back, and be inside the heads of all the grown ups during that time. The bad news about Uncle Ray... Dad's health showing little sign of improving... I'll bet they thought the world was falling apart on them. So much going on. Almost none of it good.

Maybe I'd had enough too? Tired of writing of bad news, I decided to give the diary a break. That would be the most "scripted" scenario. But maybe I was just growing lazy and bored of writing everyday? Could have been that, too.

The next original diary entry is dated March 12th. If you're following along, you get a week off.

Back again on March 12th.

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